Peace in a Mad Dog World: Finding Security When My Need for Control had Failed Me by Warner Francis Davis

About the Author
I was born with a bent to be in control, but reared were unruly forces were common. The son of missionaries to the Belgian Congo, I spent 10 years of my boyhood in a region that was home to malarial mosquitoes, ravenous driver ants, prowling lions, 30-foot-long pythons, and highly venomous mambas. It was also a land of intertribal warfare, rebel occupations, and anarchic government. Ours, it seemed, was a world abandoned to chaos, filled with danger -- quite difficult for the temperament of one who even today compulsively double-checks his pockets for his car keys and wallet, who goes through a ritual of making certain the house door is locked every time he departs.
So opens Warner Davis's memoir. Beginning with a rabid dog's attack he survives, a suspenseful story unfolds of his dealing with fierce uncertainty.

His sense of vulnerability reaches fever pitch when he runs into a poisinous snake on his way to the bathroom in the dead of night. Frightening as this close call is and overwhelming as the subsequent death of his best friend is, his breaking point comes years later when his mother is losing her battle with cancer. However, it is when he is engulfed in the darkness of despair that light breaks through.

Warner's trial is a psychological struggle we all can identify with regardless of where we live. We all know the uneasy feeling that within our familiar worlds  lurk dark forces beyond our control. We all have experienced disruptions to our safe and ordered lives. Hence, the answers Warner gets may change you as they changed him.

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